Thermal Blue exhaust fluid

Thermal Blue
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An analogue of Ad Blue – liquid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine

A liquid reagent for reducing exhaust gases of diesel engines by selective catalytic neutralization.


Thermal Blue
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Thermal Blue meets the requirements of international standards ISO 22241.


We are a manufacturer of Thermal Blue (similar to AD Blue) in Ukraine, and we offer a diesel exhaust fluid at favorable prices.

Environmental friendliness.

Emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are the main source of air pollution and cause smog, are reduced (up to 85%).


Delivery in Kyiv and the Kyiv region from 2,000 liters is free. From 21,000 liters, delivery across Ukraine is free.

Buy reagent numyuid for diesel engine Thermal Blue.
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We are a manufacturer of Thermal Blue (an analogue of Ad Blue, DEF, AUS 32) in Ukraine, and we offer a nitrogen reducer at favorable prices.

Sales volume from 1000 l.

The price is 18.00 UAH per l.

The price of the cube is UAH 5,500 per piece.


Thermal Blue
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Why Thermal Blue?

Mixing Thermal Blue with diesel engine exhaust significantly reduces nitrogen monoxide emissions from the engines.


There are two ways to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions: through selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and through exhaust gas recirculation. If your car uses an SCR system, you will need Thermal Blue.


The main benefit of bringing your fleet up to global standards is that it reduces the overall negative impact of your business operations on the environment. In addition, it will help your company get more “green” awards and accreditation for compliance with emission standards.


Thermal Blue is completely non-flammable, safe to use and easy to store.


Thermal Blue is a domestic product, exhaust fluid for diesel engines AUS 32, which is trusted by enterprises throughout Ukraine.

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How long does Thermal Blue last?

The consumption rate of Thermal Blue is approximately 1:20 to diesel fuel on standard Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI trucks, so a relatively low amount of Thermal Blue solution is sprayed into the exhaust stream of modern diesel engines as a post-combustion process.

For passenger cars, 1.5 liters of Thermal Blue will be used every 1,000 km.

Is Thermal Blue the same as AdBlue?

Yes, it is.  AdBlue is a trademark of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie), but as long as the diesel exhaust fluid you buy is certified to AUS 32 and ISO 22241, then it makes no difference which brand to use.


Thermal Blue
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Storage conditions.

Store at a temperature from -5C to 25C in places inaccessible to direct sunlight. The freezing temperature is -11C, it does not lose its qualities when thawed. Shelf life 1-3 years, depending on storage conditions.

Diesel exhaust fluid is recommended by

A Complete Analogue Of AdBlue: Thermal Blue Exhaust Gas Converter

For the maintenance of modern cars, people use various chemicals. They facilitate the operation and maintenance of vehicles. There are also special chemicals that make machines safer for the environment. These are nitrogen oxide reducers, known to most motorists as AdBlue. The sizeable Ukrainian company MMLogistics offers a complete analog of AdBlue, which ultimately copes with the neutralization of exhaust gases.

Why Is Exhaust Gas Treatment Necessary?

During operation, the car engine actively emits nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere. The amount of this substance in exhaust gases is directly correlated with engine power. Scientists have long understood that nitrogen dioxide causes severe environmental damage and have been devising methods for cleaning exhaust gases for many years.

The first step was to equip cars with an EGR valve. Such vehicles comply with EURO-3 environmental standards. But this was not enough, and chemical engineers invented a unique way to neutralize aggressive substances in the car’s muffler. Today, most truck engines have a unique SRC system – a selective catalytic reduction system. Its primary purpose is the neutralization of nitrogen dioxide.

This process takes place in several stages:

  • An aqueous solution of urea (this substance is also known as carbamide) is injected into the flow of already spent gases;
  • Urea reacts with nitrogen oxides;
  • The reaction ends with the formation of water and pure nitrogen.

This is how the well-known reagent AdBlue works – a concentrate of urea in water.

AdBlue Analogue: A Unique Product Of The MMLogistics Company

Nitric oxide-reducing agent is a strictly standardized product. It is produced exclusively according to the international standard ISO 22241. And this is not surprising. Despite the availability of urea, the product is controlled by rigorous requirements – the output liquid must be genuinely pure.

The liquid for treatment exhaust gases is consumed only 3-5% of the total fuel consumption. Accordingly, high-precision equipment is used for its dosing. At the slightest pollution, it can fail. And if the SCR system stops working, the car will not be able to drive – the electronics block this possibility. This is exactly what happens when AdBlue urea in the tank runs out: the vehicle can drive tens of kilometers, but the next time it will not start until the liquid for cleaning diesel exhaust gases is filled again.

The analog of AdBlue from the MMLogistics company exactly meets all international standards. This licensed product will help you meet environmental regulations for your fleet.

Thermal Blue From MMLogistics: Features And Benefits

An analog of Adblue Thermal Blue, like the classic Ad Blue, is used as an additional working fluid for diesel engines equipped with the SCR system. This DEF analog is a high-quality reagent with specific features: it contains a solution of urea, which has a high degree of purification, in demineralized water. The finished Thermal Blue product is an ultrapure nitric oxide reducer. It can be used in diesel engines of various standards (including EURO-4, EURO-5, and EURO-6) equipped with the SCR system.

Thermal Blue nitrogen reducer is a very profitable purchase. If you buy such a product, you can feel its following advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality. International standards strictly regulate all production of Thermal Blue reagents. This product is certified and fully corresponds to the licensed AdBlue product. Numerous reviews confirm its quality.
  • Environmental friendliness. Thanks to Thermal Blue, you are guaranteed to protect the environment from the aggressive effects of exhaust gases. As a result of using such a tool, potentially dangerous substances are released into the air in the form of harmless water vapor and equally harmless nitrogen.
  • Economy. Several studies have shown that using a high-quality converter helps improve the engine’s operation, which in turn helps reduce fuel consumption while driving. Also, the cost of Thermal Blue is much more attractive for large carriers than the price of the original AdBlue – it is relatively cheap.

So, if you are looking for where to order AdBlue for cheap, pay attention to the original MMLogistics products. The Thermal Blue nitrogen converter comes in a convenient container and is always in stock. If you need an analog of Adblue, the price of such a product will please you.

The MMLogistics online store offers free delivery in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, regardless of the volume of the ordered product. Residents of other regions in Ukraine (in particular, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Rivne, etc.) can use the option of free delivery when buying 20 tons of Thermal Blue or more. The assortment of this online store also includes high-quality auto chemicals, including glass washers, antifreeze, detergents for car washes, etc.


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